TASKalfa MZ4000i TASKalfa MZ3200i

A highly productive A3 MFP with unrivaled quality.

Combining its vast industry expertise with the latest technology, Kyocera has further strengthened its innovative range of A3 MFPs with the launch of the new BW TASKalfa MZ3200i and TASKalfa MZ4000i devices.

Building on proven technology, these new models boast a brand-new feature set to drive productivity, enhance security, and keep costs under control.

High speeds

High print speeds provide the documents you need – now!

User friendly

The intuitive interface takes away the stress of trips to the printer.


New security features keep your confidential information safe.

Cost effective

These devices are designed for maximum efficiency & minimal downtime.


Discover How to Optimize Remote Working

Make mobility your winning formula with Kyocera’s definitive guide for businesses and employees.

A new way of working opens the door for opportunities, but also challenges. Do you have all the tools in place to get remote working right?

Remote working has quickly become a fundamental part of companies across all industries, and the ability to optimize this new approach to working will determine the winners and losers of the digital age.

For those looking to make the most of remote working, it can no longer be viewed as a quick fix to an unforeseen problem or event. Successful companies will be those who integrate working from home into the very fabric of their organization. It will be the foundation upon which sustainable success will be built.

Employees are seeking greater freedom when it comes to work and, given the rise of smart technologies, it has never been easier to work and collaborate from various locations. Done right, remote working can lead to increased productivity and employee morale. The transition will pose challenges for all companies and it will prove to be the ultimate acid test with regards to their security infrastructure.


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ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program

Sign up today to recycle your used toner containers with Copystar

our customers are looking for ways to lower their impact on the environment, to work cleaner, smarter, and more responsibly.

Copystar’s ECO footPRINT Toner Recycling Program offers a way to do just that, providing a convenient disposal solution for environmentally conscious customers who want to recycle their empty and waste Copystar toner containers but cannot do so within their local community.

Program Highlights

  • Web Portal: Log into the ECO footPRINT portal with your ECO footPRINT Customer ID to order box kits, check order status and history, and view reporting.
  • Pre-Labeled Box Kits: Each box kit contains 3 boxes already affixed with a pre-paid UPS label and the option to add your customer’s name for tracking.
  • Easy to Use: Customers simply fill the box with Copystar toner containers, seal it, and send it via UPS.
  • Online Reporting: Using the optional field to add your customers’ names on the labels, you will be able to see how much your individual customers have recycled and their impact on the environment.
  • All at No Cost to You or Your Customers! Copystar covers all of the recycling and shipping costs under this new program. It’s our way of saying thank you for helping us uphold our commitment to working in harmony with our environment.

Where it all Goes

It might be easier to say where it doesn’t go…to the landfill. That’s right. 100% of every Copystar toner container recycled through the program is transformed into useful objects that serve a necessary function. Our partners at the Close the Loop recycling facility are able to repurpose the materials into items like pens, park benches, and even asphalt!

Digitizing is a breeze with KYOCERA Capture Manager.

KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM) is the definitive solution for digitizing your business. Information from physical documents is captured and made available and accessible to your entire organization.

Work Environments

The Legal OfficeWhen KYOCERA Capture Manager (KCM) is deployed, converting images into editable information will happen automatically in the format of your choosing. You can also automatically distribute the document to the person required to review or work on it.

The Logistics OfficeKCM speeds up the invoicing process by passing information through the company’s accounting system while highlighting any notes that may be missing.

The Mail RoomKYOCERA Capture Manager can automate whole systems. Mailrooms receive and scan incoming documents through KCM. Then, KCM assesses the data on the scanned documents, and distributes the documents in digital form to the relevant people. KCM can also take the information captured and send it directly to a financial system, eliminating the manual data entry of any financial information.

AccuSender ShareBase

Kyocera’s AccuSender ShareBase is a tool that empowers employees by automating document sharing processes. Designed as a private cloud-based enterprise file synchronization and share (EFSS) solution, AccuSender ShareBase works by enabling you to access your ShareBase by Hyland account from a Kyocera multifunctional printer (MFP). 

This seamless integration with ShareBase enhances organizational efficiency and increases productivity on every level by transforming the MFP into a convenient scan hub. With information instantly accessible employees and stake-holders can make better-informed decisions.

From the MFP color touch screen, authorized users scan hardcopy documents and route them to a designated folder location and email recipient(s). Email addresses are selected from your corporate or MFP address book or entered manually. Email recipients receive a link for secure file download.

Good-Bye to 2020

As we say Good-Bye to 2020, do we have any thoughts? Could it have been all bad? Can we think of anything positive from this past year? Did we have time to catch up with friends on the phone or get to organize our closets, did we rest up and watch all that Netflix had to offer? Or not get to see our family for the holidays? Did we sadly lose loved ones?


Next year look forward to some good blogs with new equipment we have to offer you.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can print right from your phone?


It is quicker and easier than you think.

  AirPrint-enabled applications can print to a printer that supports the AirPrint software feature—and you don’t need to install a driver or configure the printer queue. Tap print, select the printer that supports the AirPrint software feature, and print. It’s that simple.

In addition, mobile printing with AirPrint helps reduce IT’s burden of managing application downloads and print drivers, and enables you to better manage jobs in your print queues. AirPrint works seamlessly with many Apple apps, including Safari, Mail, Photos, iWork and PDFs in iBooks.

Kyocera Moble Print

Your Advantages with AirPrint:

  • No need to install any app on the Apple mobile device in order to print
  • Print on-the-go in mobile environments
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to documents and information
  • Requires no IT intervention
  • Supports numerous AirPrint enabled apps

AirPrint is Apple technology that enables printing from iOS or OS X devices without installing any applications or drivers.

Check out the Kyocera P3150dn not only does it support AirPrint, there are many other features such as Google Cloud Print as well!

Tell me what you think.

So the world might be going back to normal; stores, restaurants, and businesses are all starting open.  What are your fears or are you over it? Will you ever resume your old ways? Like coming home from shopping and NOT washing your hands three times and using antibacterial hand gel or wiping down the shopping carts before touching it. Have you stopped touching your face yet? How hard will it be going out to a restaurant and not worry about all the germs, or if people get to close to you? Will you think twice before you hug someone? How long will it be before you feel safe enough to get your nails done? When will you not want to wear a mask? (I’m sure you have them in all colors and styles by now!)


What we went through was surreal and we don’t ever want to re-live it again. The world in my book has truly changed. Hey, you never know, maybe we will never have a bad flu season now that we have all learned how not to get sick. Stay safe my friends and be positive! And if it was your birthday during this pandemic, give me your address I will drive by and wave. 😊


Since most are working from home, why not get a printer/copier/scanner for your home office? You can do your job as if you were in your work office. We can set it up so it can scan directly to your co-workers! We have different types/models for all your needs. Give us a call, we are here to help you find your solution. Here’s a sample on what Brothers II Business Machines has to offer: