Are copy machines creating a hole in your data security?

Most copiers come with built-in hard drives. The more sophisticated they become, the more your data becomes a security risk. Why? Now that copying, scanning and printing has become a common practice, the hard drive creates an image and stores it. This is a wonderful feature because it allows the machine to work more efficiently and faster by creating a memory bank that stores the information on the hard drive.

This was originally reported by CBS news last year. They investigated and tested several copy machines that are intended to be resold to the general public.  Since then, consumers are more aware of their copier security. Brothers II Business Machines has made it common practice to erase your copy machine’s hard drive before we send it back to leasing company. Your peace of mind is our goal.

We do not want your company’s or customer’s copier information to be in jeopardy. When CBS reported this information, they were able to obtain social security numbers and private medical information from the hard drives on several copy machines.  Don’t be at risk. No matter what dealer you use for your company, you should make sure that they provide the service to erase the hard drives before they get sent back to the leasing companies and get resold. You have no idea who is looking at this information.

Some dealers offer this to you as a separate fee.  Brothers II doesn’t charge for this. It’s a free, automatic service we provide. We erase every hard drive three times before they ever leave our building!

KYOCERA MITA America Launches Embedded Fiery Printing System for Its Award-Winning Line of TASKalfa Color MFPs

FAIRFIELD, N.J., Jul 18, 2011 — Kyocera Mita America, Inc., one of the world’s leading document solutions companies, today announced its award-winning lineup of TASKalfa Color multifunctional products (MFPs) can now include an optional Fiery(R) Printing System 11/12 by EFI, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation. The Fiery Printing System offers additional advanced color adjustments, productivity, performance and security benefits to TASKalfa Color MFP end-users.

Kyocera’s latest TASKalfa Color MFP lineup, introduced in May 2011, including the TASKalfa 7550ci, 6550ci, 5550ci, 4550ci, 3550ci and 3050ci, are transforming document workflow and management to maximize document efficiency through common technology, common design, easy-to-use features and compatibility with business critical software applications. And now, through a partnership with EFI, the TASKalfa Color MFP lineup provides the option of adding a Fiery Printing System as a powerful enhancement to any of its new color TASKalfa MFPs.

Large enterprises, workgroups and small-to-medium sized companies will benefit from the ‘best of both worlds’ combining EFI’s proven Fiery color technology and the commonality of Kyocera’s TASKalfa technology. Now, businesses can incorporate Kyocera’s vibrant color image quality on a full range of devices (30-70 ppm color) while still maintaining complete control over how color Fiery capabilities are distributed to the workforce. In essence, end-users will no longer need to dedicate one MFP as its Fiery-enabled device, because with the TASKalfa color MFPs, the Fiery and standard Kyocera controller can co-exist.

“Celebrating 20 years as the recognized industry standard for color quality, performance and productivity, we’re proud to welcome Kyocera Mita America to the EFI family,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing, EFI. “Kyocera and the Fiery Printing System share many of the same qualities, including ease-of-use and outstanding productivity, and bringing our technologies together offers superior document imaging solutions to busy workgroups and large enterprises.”

Kyocera TASKalfa MFPs deliver quality, productivity and performance and are designed to meet evolving business needs by putting the end user in command of their business. Having already received “Reliability Certified” and “Highly Recommended” ratings from Buyers Laboratory, Inc. for its TASKalfa 5550ci color MFP, Kyocera’s award-winning technology puts the end user further in control of their business by improving ease of use and performance. The EFI Fiery controller further increases the TASKalfa performance with support for all the MFPs’ optional finishers.

“Kyocera’s TASKalfa MFPs continue to raise the industry standard for reliability, performance and durability, and with the embedded Fiery controller, Kyocera is sure to deliver vibrant print quality and low total cost of ownership end users have come to expect,” said Peter Hendrick, vice president of marketing, Kyocera Mita America. “Our TASKalfa MFPs are among the strongest color MFP lineup available on the market today. Now, with the added ability to deliver spot-on color matching with Fiery Printing System, our TASKalfa MFPs are ideal office document imaging solutions for organizations requiring advanced color control and color matching.”

Kyocera’s Color TASKalfa MFPs with Fiery Printing System 11/12 deliver high performance and increased productivity by automating color workflow. With the addition of Fiery Controller, these MFPs offer accurate color, vibrant image quality, improved usability and seamless integration across Windows(R) and Macintosh (MAC) business environments. Fiery Printing System features include:

— Fiery ColorWise(R) — built-in color management technology

— Fiery Spot-On — a complete toolset to print PANTONE(R) and custom spot colors

— Fiery Image Enhance — automates color correction

— Fiery VUE — a visual print application with 3-D user interface for Microsoft(R) suite.

The TASKalfa series of color MFPs embedded with the Fiery Printing System are available through authorized Kyocera Mita dealers. To find the nearest dealer, please visit Kyocera Mita America’s dealer locator at: .

3D Printer

Wow, if you think you’ve seen everything….just wait until you watch this video. They have created a three dimensional printer. I can’t believe this has been actually invented! You will see an actual wrench be duplicated and used out of a plastic material created from a scanned image. Please watch, you will be amazed!

Look at some of the fun things you can do with your old toner and printer cartridges!

Don’t want to throw away your old toner and printer cartridges? Look at the fun things you can do with them! My person favorite is the Star Ship Enterprise. Once a trekie always a trekie!

Amazing Artwork

made with

Recycled Printer Cartridges!

Starship Enterprise

Space Tunnel

King Kong


A Night at the Theatre


Quick Fix #1

Here at Brothers II, we make service our number one priority and always work our hardest to make our customers happy!

Unfortunately, there are those few times that your machine may have a hiccup after hours or on the weekends when we are unable to get to you right away. We are going to post quick fixes from time to time so you can try to avoid any down time.

Problem: You notice that your copier has developed a constant clicking/ticking sound. Solution: Your machine will make a clicking sound whenever it is cycling toner throughout the machine. This clicking sound is a good indication that your machine is starting to get low on toner and the display may have a “low toner” message on it. When the machine reads low toner, there is still a small amount of toner remaining in the machine however you will need to replace your toner soon. Now is the perfect time to check and make sure you have a new toner for when you run out.

If you do not have a new toner, please feel free to call us at 631-981-2900 and we will get one sent out to you A.S.A.P. Your machine will continue to click until the display reads “add toner” and has officially run out of toner. Once this happens, please remove and discard the old toner and install a new toner. Once a new toner is installed, your machine will click for approximately 1-2 minutes and then the clicking should stop. If for any reason the clicking does not stop, please call us and we will set up a service call. After installing the new toner, we advise you to have a spare toner for the next time this happens. If you do not have a spare toner please call us and we will gladly send you one. Stay tuned for even more helpful hints and fixes!