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FP Mailing Solutions announces the beginning of the software revolution – PostBase!

The big news this week is all about FP’s new line Mailing System, the PostBase. After reviewing all the materials, I’m convinced that this is the most flexible and up-scalable postal system that I have ever seen.

Created for the low to middle volume mailroom user, it offers features found on most high end and high speed equipment. In addition, many, if not all these features can be activated via software download.

Here is a list of some of the features that can be added and/or upgraded after distribution: speed, scale capacity, accounting, added feeder/sealer, custom advertising, differential weighing and even color. There are many more features, options and perks to the system.

The best features of the PostBase for most customers, in my opinion, will be the high-speed internet connectivity option and the remote rate change download capability. No more waiting on chips, cards or installation with new rates, they can be uploaded when you’re ready.

Over the years, I’ve heard some concerns that the layered menus are too complicated and difficult to learn; not so for this new machine. The PostBase has only one button, once activated the average customer only has to deal with 3 screens to accomplish 99% of their tasks.

USPS raises rates on postage starting January 22, 2012

If you don’t already know, the USPS raised its rates once again on January 22, 2012. The price for a one ounce letter has gone up to 45 cents. If you have a postage scale, please make sure you contact us to upgrade your FP Mailing Solutions scale so it will have the most up-to-date rates. Once you receive your rate chip or card, you can install it yourself or one of our factory trained technicians can install it for you. You’ll be up and running with your new rates right away.

You can also go through the hassle of looking them up online, one letter or package at a time. Who wants to do that? You have better things to do, your time is precious.

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Postage Meters and your company’s mailing needs:

Francotyp Postalia offers a wide variety of postage meters, scales and mailing software. When your company is ready for a new meter, Brothers II Business Machines can show you the different types of models depending on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are one person office or a large, multi-state corporation. Here are just a few samples of the postage meter products FP Mailing Solutions offers:

The MyMail2 postage meter is designed for a smaller sized company and will handle 17 letters per minute with a maximum thickness of 1/4″.

You can process up to 32 pieces of mail per minute with the Optimail 30 yet this machine is small enough if you are limited on desk space and can fit anywhere in your office.

The Centormail Max is an advanced postage meter is designed for a large corporation or for any company that has considerable mailing needs. There are many options you can add to assist you in processing your mail  faster. It is the only digital mailing system in the marketplace that vertically weighs and processes mail without presorting. We know time is of the essence for your corporation so why waste time with a slow machine?

Call us and we’d be happy to have one of our mailing specialist meet with you. Our goal is to make your company work faster and more efficient.

Power saving mode. How does it effect your energy savings and being green?

It’s amazing how each and every small thing we can do on a daily basis that will help with our environment.  You can easily save energy in your office,  school or organization without much effort.  If you have purchased a copier, printer or any other office equipment with an ENERGY STAR feature, you are on your way to help save our planet. It’s up to you to make sure you are using these power management settings properly to get the most effective cost and energy savings.

Don’t worry about recovery time, ENERGY STAR copiers will recover within 30 seconds after resuming from their low power saving mode. Setting the machine to it’s default energy saving mode will help you even if you don’t want to be bothered manually setting it up.

Any machine you have that you can utilize the ENERGY STAR feature is always helpful,  including computers. So many of us just walk away from them and don’t even think about them sitting there wasting energy, resources and your money!

It’s easy to do your part and once the settings are introduced, there’s nothing more to think about!

OEM vs. Compatible Ink and Toner Cartridges

What’s the difference? Yes, you can save money by purchasing compatible ink and toner cartridges; but at what cost? The first issue is that you don’t know what you are getting with the compatible cartridges. Who knows if it’s up to the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, it automatically voids your warranty with your manufacturer.If you have a contract with a dealer like Brothers II Business Machines, the repair will not be covered if it is caused by a non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product.

Is it worth more in the long run to use a potential inferior product that could ultimately lead to the breakdown of your machine or produce a poor product? Do you want your business letters and forms to go out to your customers looking streaky or blotchy?

Brothers II Business Machines only uses OEM ink and toner cartridges. Yes, they cost a little more. But in the long run, they save you and your company time and money.