Don’t get scammed and pay extra money for toner!

“Toner Pirates, the Scourge of the Copier Supply Industry”

Toner Pirates typically try to trick companies into giving out information about their copier. They mislead you into thinking you are dealing with your local copier company, or they make several calls into the business, gathering bits of information each time. Typically they will deal with employees not used to ordering supplies, or not familiar with the office machines.

Train Your Staff: Train your employees or volunteers, especially new ones & those who answer the telephone or who provide maintenance or support services. If your employees are not familiar with certain callers, advise them to say something like, “I am not authorized to order anything. You will have to speak to the person in charge of ordering supplies and get a purchase order.”

If you are a Brothers II Business Machines customer with a SERVICE and SUPPLY contract, we will always wait for you to call US for a toner order…we will NOT call you!

How to recognize pirates:

* High pressure sales tactics
* No way to contact them back
* No financing
* Processing or handling fee
* No company information can be sent through the mail (only UPS or hand delivery)
* No references

Also listen for these key phrases:
* “Beat the price increase”
* “Last remaining in stock”
* “Offer expiring today”

Some of the cons are as follows:
The case they sell is actually only ONE toner;
The toner is only 5 ounces instead of the usual 16 ounces;
The toner is generic instead of OEM toner

According to the National Office Products Association more than $50 million every year is pirated from innocent consumers.

What to do if you are victimized

If possible do not accept delivery of unordered merchandise

If you have already accepted the shipment, send the shipper a certified letter with return receipt requested, demanding proof of your order. If there is no valid proof, inform the sender that unless the merchandise is picked up within thirty days, you will dispose of it. By giving the sender an opportunity to recover the merchandise, you invalidate any claim that you accepted an offer of sale merely by keeping the shipment.

If an invoice for the unordered merchandise arrives, withhold payment and do not use the merchandise. If the firm fails to respond to your letter, contact your Better Business Bureau for assistance.

Don’t let toner and supply pirates con you and your business out of time and money. Have you ever gotten one of those annoying phone calls, at just the wrong time, from someone offering you incredible deals on toner, paper and other supplies? They tell you that they have a one time deal, quote you a price that seems too good to be true and pressure you to make a decision over the phone because there is a limited stock on hand and they have lots of other people interested.
These con artists or supply pirates as they are called, quote you prices that seem too good to be true and usually are.

Arm Yourself Against Pirates:

  • Contact the BBB in your area.
  • Only do business with reputable dealers.
  • Know the contact person at your supply company. Pirates often pretend to be from your regular dealership.
  • Never give the make and model of any of your office equipment over the phone unless you are sure the person speaking with you is from a local and legitimate company like us.
  • Always get a number to call the person back to confirm the order.
  • Never sign for or accept any shipment you did not order.
  • Have ONE person in charge of ordering toner and supplies.
  • Make sure all employees are clear on you policies.
  • Never feel pressured to purchase anything on the spot.
  • Please remember to always use clear judgment on all of your
    purchases and remember…”Buyer Beware”.

National Fraud Information Center Click here for more information.

Going Green

So we’ve all been told our planet is in trouble. You hear about it on the news all the time. A big goal of ours is to help your company help the environment. There is so much new technology out there today and so many choices. That’s why we are here, to assist you in the decision-making. It’s important for us to know what your goals are and how much paper flow you are working with. We can teach you to become completely paperless or at least, a reduced paper enterprise.

Scanning is a fairly new technology for companies to incorporate in their day. It makes it easier to archive old data instead of having it piling up and collecting dust in a corner. Extra cost becomes a factor because you need to store it, pay rent, pay to cool it in the summer, heat it in the winter and pay someone to administer it.

Once you scan it in to your computers or servers, it’s done. When you need to find that file from 1987, it can be available to you at your fingertips and in one moment, it pops up on your computer screen! There’s no more looking for (and paying someone to find it) that file in a sea of boxes or filing cabinets that can take hours to find it if it’s been mis-filed.

USPS Not Accepting International Mail to Canada Effective Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Canada Post has informed the USPS today that their suspension of service (due to a nationwide strike) will last at least until sometime next week as they await the Canadian government’s action on back-to-work legislation. As a result, effective 11:59 p.m. CDT Saturday, June 18, the USPS will stop accepting all mail destined for Canada, with the exception of Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) service. The USPS has stated that customers can avoid service disruptions by using GXG service, which is available at thousands of participating retail locations throughout the U.S. The USPS has also stated that once Canada Post announces that they will resume operations, the USPS will once again begin accepting mail destined to Canada. Any mail that is currently being held within the USPS network will also be dispatched.
As always, additional information and updates regarding acceptance and movement of international mail is available at

Postage Reimbursement

*********update 2/8/12***********

Unfortunately the USPS is no longer putting this form online. I was instructed by the USPS to let you all know if you need form PS 3533, you must go to your local post office to pick one up.


Did you know that you can get a refund for unused metered postage? The United States Postal Service has a pdf form to fill out named the PS3533, “The application and voucher for refund of postage and fees”

Say you enter $44.00 on the postage machine instead of .44 cents, you can reclaim that postage as long as you do not mail the envelope or the label. Just make sure you hold onto that envelope or postage. You must submit that with the paperwork in order to receive your postage!



First Timer

Well, this is my first post. I’ll be here to blog about the office equipment world around me. This is my 8th year at Brothers II Business Machines so you know I have quite a bit of knowledge of the day to day business machine world. It will be fun to inform others about what you can do for your business and all the ideas we have to expand your business and make it run more efficiently!