More copy machine tips

Copy machines are used each day in offices, educational institutions and even some homes. The machines range in size, from small desktop units to large units that can produce thousands of copies each day. Like other office equipment, copy machines are often not maintained properly. You not only need to use the correct paper stock  in the machine, but also clean the machine regularly to remove paper fragments and dust.

1.  Cleaning the Copy Machine

  • Use a can of compressed air to blow out paper fragments, dust and dirt from the machine. Clean this way the paper trays, the copier’s glass platen and any push-button controls, using the can of compressed air. Next, dampen a soft clean cloth with 2 tsp. of alcohol and wipe the copier’s glass platen to remove any fingerprints and dirt from the glass. Then wipe down the copier with the wet cloth to remove any ink, dirt and caked-on grime. Clean your copy machine weekly to keep dust, dirt and paper fragments from building up.
  • Note, unplug the copy machine before cleaning it.

2.  Use Correct Paper Stock

  • Purchase high-quality paper stock for your copy machine. Using cheap paper causes jams, and the paper will break easily, leaving fragments inside of your copy machine. High-quality paper will keep your copy machine running longer and reduce the number of maintenance calls needed on the machine.
  • Store your copy machine’s paper stock in a cool, dry place. The paper should not be exposed to drastic temperature changes and extreme temperatures. The temperature extremes will cause the paper to warp and jam once you place it in the copy machine.

3.  Remove Paper Jams

  • When removing a paper jam, pull the jammed paper slowly from the copy machine to keep it from ripping. Try to pull the paper in the opposite direction of which it was trying to travel. If the paper normally moves to the left through the paper path, pull it toward the right. This will also help keep the paper from getting caught and from ripping. Next, check the copy machine for other jams and paper fragments before closing the doors.

4.  Change Toner Cartridges

  • Buy OEM (original equipment manufacturer) toner cartridges and store them in a cool, dry place. Do not expose them to extreme temperature changes. Stay away from cheap toner cartridges. These may damage the machine over time. When replacing toner, shake the cartridge from side to side before installing it in your copy machine. This will unpack the toner and make it flow into the copy machine quicker.

5.  Keep the Copy Machine On or Off?

  • Modern copy machines have energy-saving features, so you don’t need to turn the machine off at the end of the day. The copy machine will go into “sleep” mode and run on “low power.” If your copy machine is older and doesn’t have a sleep function, you may want to shut it down each day, or shut it down on Friday evening, in order to save energy over the weekend.

6.  Monday Morning Warm-up

  • Before using the copy machine on a Monday morning, remove the paper stock that is present in the machine and replace it with new paper. The old paper stock has some moisture in it, and this will cause the machine to jam. Let the paper you removed sit for the remainder of the day to dry out, or use in your laser printer(the heat produced in the printer will dry out the paper).

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Postage Meters and your company’s mailing needs:

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The MyMail2 postage meter is designed for a smaller sized company and will handle 17 letters per minute with a maximum thickness of 1/4″.

You can process up to 32 pieces of mail per minute with the Optimail 30 yet this machine is small enough if you are limited on desk space and can fit anywhere in your office.

The Centormail Max is an advanced postage meter is designed for a large corporation or for any company that has considerable mailing needs. There are many options you can add to assist you in processing your mail  faster. It is the only digital mailing system in the marketplace that vertically weighs and processes mail without presorting. We know time is of the essence for your corporation so why waste time with a slow machine?

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