Postage Meters and your company’s mailing needs:

Francotyp Postalia offers a wide variety of postage meters, scales and mailing software. When your company is ready for a new meter, Brothers II Business Machines can show you the different types of models depending on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you are one person office or a large, multi-state corporation. Here are just a few samples of the postage meter products FP Mailing Solutions offers:

The MyMail2 postage meter is designed for a smaller sized company and will handle 17 letters per minute with a maximum thickness of 1/4″.

You can process up to 32 pieces of mail per minute with the Optimail 30 yet this machine is small enough if you are limited on desk space and can fit anywhere in your office.

The Centormail Max is an advanced postage meter is designed for a large corporation or for any company that has considerable mailing needs. There are many options you can add to assist you in processing your mail  faster. It is the only digital mailing system in the marketplace that vertically weighs and processes mail without presorting. We know time is of the essence for your corporation so why waste time with a slow machine?

Call us and we’d be happy to have one of our mailing specialist meet with you. Our goal is to make your company work faster and more efficient.


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