Are copy machines creating a hole in your data security?

Most copiers come with built-in hard drives. The more sophisticated they become, the more your data becomes a security risk. Why? Now that copying, scanning and printing has become a common practice, the hard drive creates an image and stores it. This is a wonderful feature because it allows the machine to work more efficiently and faster by creating a memory bank that stores the information on the hard drive.

This was originally reported by CBS news last year. They investigated and tested several copy machines that are intended to be resold to the general public.  Since then, consumers are more aware of their copier security. Brothers II Business Machines has made it common practice to erase your copy machine’s hard drive before we send it back to leasing company. Your peace of mind is our goal.

We do not want your company’s or customer’s copier information to be in jeopardy. When CBS reported this information, they were able to obtain social security numbers and private medical information from the hard drives on several copy machines.  Don’t be at risk. No matter what dealer you use for your company, you should make sure that they provide the service to erase the hard drives before they get sent back to the leasing companies and get resold. You have no idea who is looking at this information.

Some dealers offer this to you as a separate fee.  Brothers II doesn’t charge for this. It’s a free, automatic service we provide. We erase every hard drive three times before they ever leave our building!


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