Going Green

So we’ve all been told our planet is in trouble. You hear about it on the news all the time. A big goal of ours is to help your company help the environment. There is so much new technology out there today and so many choices. That’s why we are here, to assist you in the decision-making. It’s important for us to know what your goals are and how much paper flow you are working with. We can teach you to become completely paperless or at least, a reduced paper enterprise.

Scanning is a fairly new technology for companies to incorporate in their day. It makes it easier to archive old data instead of having it piling up and collecting dust in a corner. Extra cost becomes a factor because you need to store it, pay rent, pay to cool it in the summer, heat it in the winter and pay someone to administer it.

Once you scan it in to your computers or servers, it’s done. When you need to find that file from 1987, it can be available to you at your fingertips and in one moment, it pops up on your computer screen! There’s no more looking for (and paying someone to find it) that file in a sea of boxes or filing cabinets that can take hours to find it if it’s been mis-filed.


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